Market Street Studios has now been in business for more than a year. We’re really excited on how far we’ve come in just a year alone. We’ve hit many of our business goals, but more importantly, we’ve had so much fun along the way. With a year under our belt, we’ve decided to start a weekly blog that gives insight on what we’re up too but also gives us a place to connect with the people that have been following us over the past year! Hey mom and dad! Before we get started however, we want to be clear with you that we are biased when it comes to wedding films, but we hope that the points we make WILL be beneficial to you.

When bride/grooms our planning their wedding the planning process usually goes something like this. Pick a date, venue, photographer, catering, dress, suit, honeymoon, cake, DJ…..videographer. Now why is that? Why is the photographer one of the first things picked on the list? Well for one, you need to announce the engagement, you need to make save the dates, you need to start planning invitations. All of those things require photos of you and your fiancé!  Many photographers offer packages that include engagement sessions in their pricing. Wedding photographers are usually able to lock in couples within 3 months of engagement. Is this


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