The most advanced futsal ball. Ever.

United Futsal is a group of international professionals dedicated to advancing the sport of futsal across the world. They worked to further this mission by designing a futsal ball suited for the skilled competitors at their events. Elite talent requires high-quality equipment when competing at the top level.

Champions Cup Series

The CCS™ is the first global youth futsal competition series for the highest level futsal teams across the world presented by United Futsal. CCS™ provides equal opportunities to men and women. Same age groups. Same events. No exceptions. No Excuses.

World Futsal Cup

The World Futsal Cup, hosted by United Futsal, is the most prestigious tournament for youth futsal in the world. Each December, the top club teams from all across the world descend on the Costa Brava region of Spain to find out who will be crowned the World Futsal Cup Champion.

World Futsal Championships

Hosted at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, the event, created by United Futsal, stands as the largest international youth futsal tournament in the world; providing players with the rare opportunity to be seen by professional coaches and scouts. From the ESPN entertainment to the awe-inspiring attractions of world-famous theme parks, there is something magical about playing there!