In the age of COVID-19, small, medium, and large-scale businesses took a major hit financially having to lay off staff, shrink budgets, and rethink their marketing efforts. Even for us here at Market Street Studios, we were getting phone calls left and right of shoots canceled or re-scheduled as state and federal mandates were put into place. With limits on gatherings, social distancing guidelines, and many people not even wanting to leave their house, a new challenge arose not only for us, but for non-profits as well.

How would Non-Profits continue to raise money for their on going efforts in local communities with cancelation of fundraisers that help bring awareness and donations. Many of them had to get creative. The Cabarrus Arts Council was one of those Non-Profits. The CAC is dedicated to providing a wide variety of cultural arts programs that celebrate the rich diversity of our county and our world. They also operate the Davis Theatre and The Galleries, conduct one of North Carolina’s largest arts-in-education programs for both Cabarrus County and Kannapolis City school systems, support arts organizations and artists through grants and workshops, and serve as a catalyst and consultant for public and corporate art. Every year, their Breakfast for the Arts is attended by over 750 guests from all around Cabarrus County. The goal of the event is to help inspire and celebrate the arts culture while also raising money to support their outreach. Everyones favorite part of the morning during the breakfast is to hear personal stories from people who’s lives have been touched by the arts. All of this changed because of COVID-19.

We decided to partner up with The Cabarrus Arts Council this year and put a spin on their event, calling it, Breakfast (in Bed) for the Arts. Through our video solutions for non-profits, we recorded 7 different interviews featuring wonderful stories of seven individuals and their moments of inspiration. After all was said and done, $27,295 was raised for the cause. In times of uncertainty, the arts continue to bring us together. Below are those stories.

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